Day 5 | 365

This photo reminds me how important it is to PRINT our photos. My daughter regularly stops and looks at photos on our walls and says, “Look! There’s Dada!” (while he’s at work). I am in desperate need of updating some of our photos. I’m pretty sure Peanut is only in one photo on our walls…oops. Next coupon for prints I get, I’ll order them;)



Second up, my daughter has OFFICIALLY, UNDENIABLY got my taste buds:) This is her eating onions as I chop them (which her father vehemently dislikes…mostly a texture thing). I remember doing this very thing with my parents growing up. Yet another moment that the “Circle of Life” song from the Lion King starts to play in my head…

2015-365Jan5-2(I missed focus on this picture, but the memory is still important to me…it looks like I got her hair in focus, but not her hand/mouth…I’ll keep on getting better:)

Best wishes!


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