Day 21 | 365

Living in the woods is so awesome. This morning there was fog everywhere and as it was lifting. the sun was peeking through here and there. With the fog came a bit of rain, so everything was sparkling with drops of water. I wish I could fully capture it’s beauty, but this shot will have to do for today:) Note, this is unedited. It was so pretty. Normally everything looks dreary this time of year, but those dead leaves turn a beautiful copper color and the tree trunks have a bright green moss on them when things get a little wet and the sun works it’s magic. ❤2015-365Jan21-2


These two…they’re just so adorable together. I can’t wait for Peanut to be older and able to play and be crazy with the rest of us. B loves to play in the “cave” (a.k.a. under the covers:). Wednesday Low Light shot:) 2015-365Jan21-1

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