Day 25 | 365

A glimpse of our morning:) First, B decided breakfast was not complete. She wanted Cheez-Its at 9:15am to round it out. Even gave the box a hug…ha!2015-365Jan25-2 2015-365Jan25-32015-365Jan25-1

As I was putting on my make-up this morning, I looked down as saw this. The things women do to look good has weighed heavy on my heart lately, and seeing this almost made me feel guilty for putting make-up on. I want SO badly for her to love herself completely, without make-up, in spite of what society will tell her, and I feel as though I have to be that example for her. Sometimes I go out without make-up, but not often. I suppose someday we will talk about the difference between taking care of yourself and feeling like you have to hide/improve parts of yourself. In the meantime, she’s pretty cute trying to use that contraption. ❤


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