It’s been a while-September Blog Circle

Life threw our house for a loop this last couple months. I unexpectedly went back to work as a teacher:) I have been DEEPLY missing my camera since returning, but I got out this weekend and took a few photos at a local park. It felt SO good to just shoot and watch my kiddos explore. I am hopping in on the Real Life Monthly 10 on 10 blog circle (though I have more than 10 photos this time…I’ve been absent for a bit, so I added a couple more for good measure;). The first photo is actually from July, the second from August, and the rest were from this past weekend. After checking out my post, feel free to follow the link at the bottom to look through the work of some other lovely and talented ladies:)

201507july-13 201508august-2 201509sept-13 201509sept-14 201509sept-15 201509sept-16 201509sept-17 201509sept-18 201509sept-19 201509sept-20 201509sept-21 201509sept-22 201509sept-23 201509sept-24

Click here to head on over to Mandalyn Renicker Photography’s page for your next dose of real life;)