Moving and Leaves!!

We moved into our new house! Yay! We have moved from a typical suburban home to a gorgeous wooded/country setting outside city limits. I can’t say enough about how much I love it here, but leaving our last home was a little tough. It is the first house we’ve ever owned. We lived there when we were engaged, married, and had both children. That house holds so many good memories and was such a wonderful home for those 6.5yrs. However, I am looking forward to watching my children grow in our new home:) The first pictures here are some of the last from our old house. Some morning smiles from little Peanut and a picture of B laying on a box. She put her “robe pieces” (a lovey of hers) on the box and I just found her like this:)
Here she is at the new house. She didn’t have any trouble adjusting! I asked if she wanted to go back to the old house and she confidently said “Nope.” We have TONS of leaves here and she is loving it. My next goal as a photographer is to master focus. I realized while going through all these photos for this post, I am struggling with focus. Hopefully by my next post I will have learned something:)
Painting:) The light was funny as she was half in the sun and half out, but she was so cute.
And finally, a big leaf extravaganza! She can’t get enough!
I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. We had some family visit (yup, we hosted when we just moved last weekend:) and really enjoyed our time together. That’s the important stuff this time of year. Well, that and the AMAZINGLY delicious dinner we had that I forgot to take pictures of! 😉

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