After spending the last few weeks moving and having all our stuff in chaos, we are finally starting to feel more settled in our new home. So far, the only things missing are my muffin tins and a 13″x9″ pan, so I’m calling that a success (although I REALLY want to make something with my muffin tin….)! I have been watching for pretty light in the new place and just loved these pictures I got of my daughter with her new easel. It is a hand-me-down item from a friend, and I love it! Chalk is perfect for a 2.5yr old that MAY tend to wander off and color a wall or two. She is really enjoying just walking by and choosing to color a beautiful picture and sometimes asks to color “together”. Hearing that makes this momma’s heart happy.
Then, as I’m taking sweet pictures of my daughter, I turn around to see Peanut trying to eat the toy vacuum. Love both sets images for very different reasons. This is how photography is helping me to find happiness in the little things, even when I can see the pile of clean laundry needing to be put away behind my little guy.

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