Day 12 | 365

Yay!! There’s a birdie on our feeder! A little tufted titmouse to be exact (I’m going to be mature and not make any jokes about his name…he can’t help it). Took them a while to figure out that this house isn’t full of people who want to eat them. For the most part anyway…if a turkey gets this close, it’ll be what’s for dinner:). I was sitting there, BOTH kids napping, trying to find inspiration for my photo today, and then this little guy appeared. First time I’ve seen them at the (slightly crooked:/) feeder. There were actually two of these cuties. Unfortunately, his friend ran smack into our window, so he was probably taking a time-out for his head injury. 2015-365Jan12-1

It’s a little blurry. The seals in our windows are bad, so none of our windows are clear. Still so cute:)

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