Day 13 | 365

First off, I have to give a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY!! 🙂 She’s a pretty fabulous woman (my personal favorite in this world), but she lives entirely too far away, so no pictures of her:( We miss you and love you Nana!

Ok, today that old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, came to mind. Peanut decided he would be a short napper today, and B decided she just didn’t want a nap at all. For the first time ever. So we partied instead of napping. B honestly was so good. It was me holding her back from giving up that nap. I’m sure it will be off and on here for a while, but it’s the beginning of the end of a era…sigh. :/


Silver lining: both kids were awake while it was still light out:) I’m so ready for summer when the sun doesn’t set until bedtime! Here’s B watching some birdies in some pretty light<3


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