Day 17 | 365

I just want to take a minute and say that I am loving this project. I love that I GET to pick up my camera everyday. Today was no exception. It was “warm” here today, and we got out to the playground around 10am this morning (note, 10 am it was not “warm”…it was windy and cold). Took my camera along and I am in love with these pictures of daddy/daughter love. So special. (Yes, I realize several of these are basically the same photo, but I couldn’t choose, so you get them all…ha!)2015-365Jan17-92015-365Jan17-12015-365Jan17-22015-365Jan17-7 2015-365Jan17-5 2015-365Jan17-4 2015-365Jan17-8 2015-365Jan17-10 2015-365Jan17-11This last photo wraps things up with the rosy cheeks and nose<3 Hope you all enjoyed your day as well!


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