Day 18 | 365

Today, I just wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t take a pic during the day. I SHOULD have taken a photo of Peanut crawling since he’s officially mobile and crawling everywhere now (last night I paid for this developmental gem with my sleep *insert sleepy emoji*). I have had the idea for this picture stored away for a little while, so once it was dark, I chose to try it out.

We now live out the in woods and have flood light on our house. One night, while figuring out what all of our switches did, we found the switch to the flood lights, and I saw this MAGIC in the corner of the master bedroom. So tonight, with a little bribery (orange Tic-Tacs are toddler crack apparently), I convinced my daughter to look for “reindeer” for a second (literally, one second…she is a very busy girl). This is what I got. I love it. It’s not exactly a candid moment, but I’m practicing and haven’t shot in this type of low light before. I pretty much got the exposure I wanted SOOC (straight out of camera), so I’m happy with a first try! Had a little trouble with focus due to the darkness, but I’ll figure it out:) I think this week I’ll make the theme “low light”….so here you go:)

Sunday Low Light:)2015-365Jan18-1

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