Day 28.5 | 365

I haven’t figured out how to set up a blog separate from this one on my website yet, so I’ll just continue to make blog posts here in the meantime 😀 These pics are from the last two days of BEAUTIFUL weather here. Summer CANNOT come soon enough. I’m ready for flip flops…

These first pics are from two nights ago. We went for a walk in the wagon, then B wanted to play on daddy’s trailer when we got home. The light was just lovely and I make gorgeous babies 😛 I may have just wished summer was here, but in the summer these beautiful trees will all have leaves and this light won’t make it through. I am trying to enjoy this piece of winter ❤2015-365Jan27-2

2015-365Jan27-12015-365Jan27-5 2015-365Jan27-32015-365Jan27-42015-365Jan27-6Last night we went for another walk. B dressed herself and wanted to pull the wagon all by herself (it’s empty, because I couldn’t in good conscience let Peanut ride if B was the driver). Then she discovered a soft, little patch of moss. She ripped some up, but we had a talk about how that hurts the moss. She placed that piece back, so hopefully it makes it…2015-365Jan28-52015-365Jan28-3  2015-365Jan28-4Last up, B decided that naps were for the birds yesterday…she didn’t make it through dinner. However, she only dozed for a minute or two before I got her down (don’t need her falling off the counter height chairs), and that little power nap was enough to give her a second wind until bedtime 🙂 Toddlers are irrational, tiny tornadoes…2015-365Jan28-2



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