Day 29 | 365

I didn’t get a chance to post last night, but ret assured, I took some photos. The Parenthood Series Finale was on (insert ugly cry here), so after that emotional drain, I decided it was bedtime. I experimented a little with my pics yesterday, just to see how different things would work. I like some of it, indifferent about some of it.

1. The seals on our 30yr old windows are bad, and the windows may look dirty because of it, but when we get new windows, I may miss how they look a little moody. Tired of sunsets yet? 😀

2. This pic may seem mundane, but it represents success. B is always hoarding her favorite things in this bucket and keeps it away from Peanut. Today, she is sleeping while he’s awake:) Younger sibling success!

3. Love the way he looks at big sister…even if the pic is grainy, because it was getting dark.

4-6. A little shadow play…I need to get photoshop so I can learn how to get rid of that outlet on the wall. :/2015-365Jan29-1 2015-365Jan29-42015-365Jan29-2 2015-365Jan29-3  2015-365Jan29-5 2015-365Jan29-6

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