Day 35/36/37 | 365

Goodness. Lots of stuff going on and got behind on editing/posting:) Here’s a little catch-up.

Just looking out the window. I liked her reflection in this one, but not so much her expression. Maybe next time. 😛2015-365Feb4-1This one is from yesterday….after she cut her own hair. She was sitting at the table, playing with glue, scissors, etc. for a little craft time. I picked everything up for lunch….except the scissors apparently. Oops. So, she got a haircut yesterday:)2015-365Feb5-1

Today, all I wanted to do was vacuum. That’s all. They made it nearly impossible. My mobile infant was constantly crawling in my way, my toddler kept pulling on the cord as if she were saying “Giddy-up, mommy!”, and they were pulling out toys that I JUST picked up. I walked away to pick something up, and they were on the vacuum like white on rice. Having two small children in the house makes EVERYTHING harder than it should be. I still love them though, of course:) ❤2015-365Feb6-1 2015-365Feb6-2


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