Day 38/39 | 365

Playing catch-up a bit today. I took some real estate photos for a friend and I have a sick (i.e. NOT SLEEPING) kiddo here. 😦 That said, we had a great weekend, with my dad and step-mom visiting. Saturday we got my fireplace painted and enjoyed a little bit of down time. Here are hubby and B snuggling on our deck. I’ll take 70 degrees in February ANYDAY! ❤2015-365feb7-1

Saturday night, my step-mom decided to cook sausage at 10:30pm. My dad and husband approved and are now wondering why we don’t cook sausage at 10:30pm on a regular basis. Can’t say I blame them. 😀 P.S. Not sure she even realized I took this pic. :)~2015-365feb7-2

Sunday, we went for a walk at the nature center and I took some pics there, but this little guy, was more important. We’ll visit the nature center again. Meet Mr. Nuthatch. He decided that he should land on our windowsill and peck at it loudly, because the suet feeder was out of food. Little stinker…but so cute!2015-365feb8-1

I’ll try to update Monday later on tonight. 🙂

One Comment on “Day 38/39 | 365

  1. Uh… LOL, no I was not aware that you took that photo, but I did think it was funny when D said “why don’t we make sausage every saturday night” or something like that. I can’t remember his exact wording. Love the photo of D and B (very sweet) and I’m happy to see that you got Mr. Nuthatch in there. You’re dad tried to get him, but he flew away to quick.


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