Day 40/41/42/43 | 365

Monday: She needs to stop growing up. Like….NOW.2015-365feb9-1 2015-365feb9-2

Tuesday: “Making a beautiful picture!” Everyday during Peanut’s morning nap, she wants to make a beautiful picture. So she does:) Glitter glue and stickers are her favorites right now ❤2015-365feb10-1 2015-365feb10-2

Wednesday: Delicious…Anyone else see the heart? Just in time for Valentine’s Day! ❤2015-365feb11-1

Thursday (today): Peanut figured out how to climb stairs last night….awesome. On a brighter note, I gave B an old point and shoot I had, and she LOVES it. However, we have some work to do…this is how she holds it and says, “Smile mom!” It’s REALLY adorable, but we have a lot of pictures of fingers up close…2015-365feb12-1 2015-365feb12-2

Ok, I’m FINALLY all caught up! Sorry ’bout that folks. Had several other projects and an infant who decided to catch a cold, cut a tooth, and forget how to sleep all at the same time…

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