Day 55-58 | 365

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been posting in groups. It just doesn’t make sense for me to post everyday. I enjoy time with my family first, then this blog second:) Ok, time for some catch-up…

Tuesday: “I got glitter glue on my tongue.” Story of my life…


Wednesday: “I want to make a list!” Anytime I am going to the grocery store she sees me making a list, and then demands to make one, too:)2015-365feb25-1

Thursday: Daddy-daughter love. He’s the best and is so good at playing with our sweet babies<32015-365feb26-1

Friday: “Do you love it?! Do you love my beautiful picture, mom?!” Ugh…Yes. Now I DO love your beautiful picture…because you are adorable, and it’s just a bar of soap you used to color the wall, so you were basically helping me clean, right? ❤2015-365feb27-1


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