Day 59 | 365

Saturday: Got a new couch from Ikea!!!! WOOHOO! Best part of this couch…the giant box it came in. Second best part, the whole couch has a wonderful, removable, WASHABLE cover over it. Perfect for kids with crayons (one cushion already has red crayon on it…thanks to letting her color the box). Sorry about all the grain and the darker photos… Summer CANNOT get here fast enough.

OR I could get a Nikon D750 and my photos wouldn’t have these problems…still dreaming. 🙂2015-365feb28-4 2015-365feb28-2

Tracing tiny hands. Notice the “foot” tracing in front of it…not sure how many toes my husband thinks B has…2015-365feb28-6

Coloring together ❤2015-365feb28-7 2015-365feb28-9

By the end, someone was ready for mommy to hold him instead of that stinky camera. And don’t the husband bum in the background or the toddler picking her nose…that’s just life around here, ha! 🙂2015-365feb28-11

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