Day 60 | 365

Sunday: I do love pictures in the snow, but I would much prefer pictures by a pool…or anywhere with heat and humidity. But, my kids are adorable none-the-less:)

At first, Peanut and I stayed inside and watched. BUT I really wanted to go out, so I found a bunch of clothes to pack him in (including some Glad Press n’ Seal for his feet) and we went out!2015-365march1-1 2015-365march1-2 2015-365march1-3

This one is obviously precious to me:)2015-365march1-42015-365march1-5

Icicles have always fascinated me. These were no exception. Saw them hanging off our house when were were about to head inside, so I snapped a few pics. Even caught a drip falling in a few of them. 🙂

2015-365march1-6 2015-365march1-7

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