Day 61/62/63 | 365

I would say “I’m catching up”, but posting in groups of a few days seems to be my new normal, so…normal post:D

Monday: My little nap fighter fell asleep on the couch watching Backyardigans:) I take as many photos like this as I can…I know these days are numbered. 2015-365march2-1 2015-365march2-2Tuesday: B loves her Lincoln Logs! Buuuut, she doesn’t exactly build log cabins yet. She really just takes out the long pieces and uses them as drumsticks…Today, she was drumming on the fireplace, then on the globe (I’m sure there is some irony in there somewhere). Don’t worry, the globe was left here in the house by the previous owner and looks like someone punched it at one point, so it’s already broken:P2015-365march3-1 2015-365march3-2 2015-365march3-3


Wednesday: Pretty light. I’m about to start the Magic of Light workshop on March 9th with Summer Murdock. If you don’t know who she is, you’re missing out. She is a magician with light! Can’t wait to start seeing in new ways ❤2015-365march4-1


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