Temporary Hiatus:)

Don’t worry, I’m still completing my 365, I just may not be posting for everyday for a bit. I am currently taking an online workshop and doing both is time consuming. I can always come back to complete this blog, but the workshop is only 3 weeks long:) That said, here are a few randoms from the last few days ❤

The other day I was showering and apparently B decided that was lame. She left the bathroom, climbed up, found pen and paper, and was “making a beautiful picture” when I got out. ❤2015-365march12-1

“Take a picture of my beautiful picture!”2015-365march12-2

Those EYES!!! I didn’t enhance them at all…they’re ridiculous. 2015-365march12-3

For reasons, that I feel are self explanatory, this kid has my heart!2015-365march12-4 2015-365march12-5 2015-365march12-6

Watching big sister ❤2015-365march12-7

Giving mommy a heart attack, as usual.2015-365march12-8

I missed focus a little on this shot, but I still love it. The smiles/giggles, plus her hair in the reflection! 2015-365march12-9

Playing #likeagirl. Because girls like to jump and play in the mud and on logs, too. ❤2015-365march14-1 2015-365march14-2

In case your curious, this was my submission for our first assignment of my workshop. We were simply supposed to go for a walk and find interesting light. This is what I found:)2015magicoflight-1 2015magicoflight-2 2015magicoflight-3 2015magicoflight-4

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