A foggy morning

Woke up, tossed the children at hubby, and ran outside for a little early morning walk in the beautiful fog. We have had several foggy mornings recently, but normally hubs is at work, so leaving the kids with him isn’t usually an option πŸ˜› Here are a few pretty pictures of the morning fog. In my rush to get out the door before the baby started screaming for me, I left my 35mm lens on instead of my 50mm….I sooo wish I had my 50mm. Next time…2015-365march15-1

These little spider webs were SO stinking neat! They looked like little white flowers in the clearing. Just lovely.Β 2015-365march15-2 2015-365march15-3

This was a picture of a wall in our house tonight. I only had a minute before the light would change and B was trying to thwart my efforts to capture it, but I liked it:) It’s the shadow of a poinsettia I won around Christmas time. Can’t believe it’s still alive….ha! πŸ™‚2015-365march15-4

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