A Lake Life Wedding

I was recently asked to cover a friend’s wedding, and I couldn’t help but say yes! For my first wedding, I’m pretty happy with the results. Seriously, this bride is the most photogenic person ever. On top of the bride and groom being completely laid back and awesome, I got to go out on a boat, on the lake, and have a beer on a gorgeous day with some pretty awesome friends. I think that has to count as the best wedding gig ever, right?

6 Comments on “A Lake Life Wedding

  1. You truly are a gifted person!!! I love seeing your work!! I am new to blogging and I am excited to read several of your post and hopefully start to be able to express myself as lovely as you do by blogging!!!


    • You are too sweet! This just made my week! I am feeling completely lost now that I’m working full time again. I haven’t had any time to blog! One goal I have for this Labor Day weekend is to play with my camera and get a few things posted!;)

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