A Lake Life Wedding

I was recently asked to cover a friend’s wedding, and I couldn’t help but say yes! For my first wedding, I’m pretty happy with the results. Seriously, this bride is the most photogenic person ever. On top of the bride and groom being completely laid back and awesome, I got to go out on a boat, on the lake, and have a beer on a gorgeous day with some pretty awesome friends. I think that has to count as the best wedding gig ever, right?

The Great Tulip Massacre of 2015

These photos aren’t spectacular or anything, but they tell a story….

“Hey mom, look what I got!!”

(mom tries not to cry….)2015-365april16-1

If you look behind her, you can see the empty stems of the tulips where she picked all of these…. (still trying not to cry)2015-365april16-3


The sad pile of picked flowers…2015-365april16-5

So she incorporated them into one of her “snowmen”. Basically, it’s straw with some mulch and flowers on top. That is a summer snowman apparently. 2015-365april16-6 2015-365april16-7

The final resting place/shrine for the beautiful flowers.2015-365april16-8

The initial resting place of the flowers… 😦2015-365april16-9

Side note: She can pedal her tricycle like a big girl! I removed all the crazy stuff attached to it after this. Now it’s just a boring tricycle:)2015-365april16-10

This kid must have seen something interesting.2015-365april16-11

“What are you lookin’ at??”2015-365april16-12Just another Thursday. Someday I’ll be able to have nice things again…Just in time for grandkids to tear it all up again! Wouldn’t trade it for the world. ❤


A Few Recents:)


Here are just a few I’ve taken recently. Even though the focus seems off in the first one, I think it’s my favorite. I need to play with this early morning light that comes in through our bathroom a little more. It’s only there for a very short time, and I usually forget about it:P I kind of think that focal flaw adds to the dreamy feeling anyway:) That flare though…LOVE ❤2015-365April10-1 2015-365April10-2 2015-365April10-3

She will crawl backward facing him and she just GIGGLES. So cute.2015-365April10-4

One for National Sibling Day:)2015-365April10-5

Off in la-la-land…2015-365April10-6

Kisses! Someone has a girlfriend….2015-365April10-7

After the storm

We got a little storm yesterday. I walked by my kitchen window, saw the puddles, and knew what needed to be done. My only regret is that my daughter doesn’t own a pair of rain boots!!! Would have been even better. Hubby is planning on backfilling the space where the big puddle is with topsoil next weekend though…we’ll have to find a new awesome puddle soon:(

On our deck…she was begging to “quease can I play in the rain?” (she can say “please”, but she sometimes says “quease” instead:P)2015-365march24-1 2015-365march24-2

This is the face I get when I tell her to look at the camera:P2015-365march24-3 2015-365march24-4

Probably my favorite<32015-365march24-5

The sky was pretty after the storm:)2015-365march24-6 2015-365march24-7

Admiring the vultures (buzzards).2015-365march24-8 2015-365march24-9

Splash!2015-365march24-10 2015-365march24-11



Day 47 | 365

SNOW DAY!! It was pretty cold, but we got out for a little bit to enjoy the snow. ❤

2015-365feb16-17 2015-365feb16-18