After the storm

We got a little storm yesterday. I walked by my kitchen window, saw the puddles, and knew what needed to be done. My only regret is that my daughter doesn’t own a pair of rain boots!!! Would have been even better. Hubby is planning on backfilling the space where the big puddle is with topsoil next weekend though…we’ll have to find a new awesome puddle soon:(

On our deck…she was begging to “quease can I play in the rain?” (she can say “please”, but she sometimes says “quease” instead:P)2015-365march24-1 2015-365march24-2

This is the face I get when I tell her to look at the camera:P2015-365march24-3 2015-365march24-4

Probably my favorite<32015-365march24-5

The sky was pretty after the storm:)2015-365march24-6 2015-365march24-7

Admiring the vultures (buzzards).2015-365march24-8 2015-365march24-9

Splash!2015-365march24-10 2015-365march24-11



One Comment on “After the storm

  1. At what age do we stop playing in the rain? I remember it being so much fun, but can’t remember the last time I did. Heavy sigh…


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