Jumping Back In

I’m back from the temporary hiatus to take a workshop. It was awesome.

March 29th- Peanut was feeding B some of his puffs. Then he switched to feeding her green beans. She was NOT happy about it:P2015-365march29-1

The look of confusion/betrayal…2015-365march29-2


March 30th: The weather is so nice here!!! First, we played at the house in the afternoon and had a little fun. Then we (well, I) decided to have hubby get some chinese take out for dinner and meet us at the park in the evening after work. So much fun<3 We’ll probably head to the park this evening, too. Humidity seems to have returned (31st), and I am in heaven. Some people may hate the humidity, but I’ll take it over frigid, dry, soul-sucking air any day!

2015-365march30-6 2015-365march30-7 2015-365march30-8 2015-365march30-9

2015-365march30-10 2015-365march30-1 2015-365march30-5 2015-365march30-2 2015-365march30-3 2015-365march30-4

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