A Few Recents:)


Here are just a few I’ve taken recently. Even though the focus seems off in the first one, I think it’s my favorite. I need to play with this early morning light that comes in through our bathroom a little more. It’s only there for a very short time, and I usually forget about it:P I kind of think that focal flaw adds to the dreamy feeling anyway:) That flare though…LOVE ❤2015-365April10-1 2015-365April10-2 2015-365April10-3

She will crawl backward facing him and she just GIGGLES. So cute.2015-365April10-4

One for National Sibling Day:)2015-365April10-5

Off in la-la-land…2015-365April10-6

Kisses! Someone has a girlfriend….2015-365April10-7

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