The Great Tulip Massacre of 2015

These photos aren’t spectacular or anything, but they tell a story….

“Hey mom, look what I got!!”

(mom tries not to cry….)2015-365april16-1

If you look behind her, you can see the empty stems of the tulips where she picked all of these…. (still trying not to cry)2015-365april16-3


The sad pile of picked flowers…2015-365april16-5

So she incorporated them into one of her “snowmen”. Basically, it’s straw with some mulch and flowers on top. That is a summer snowman apparently. 2015-365april16-6 2015-365april16-7

The final resting place/shrine for the beautiful flowers.2015-365april16-8

The initial resting place of the flowers… 😦2015-365april16-9

Side note: She can pedal her tricycle like a big girl! I removed all the crazy stuff attached to it after this. Now it’s just a boring tricycle:)2015-365april16-10

This kid must have seen something interesting.2015-365april16-11

“What are you lookin’ at??”2015-365april16-12Just another Thursday. Someday I’ll be able to have nice things again…Just in time for grandkids to tear it all up again! Wouldn’t trade it for the world. ❤