Day 2 | 365

Apparently, this winter we are not going to see the sun, so I’ve decided I am going to enjoy some time working on my B&W conversions until we get some:) This lil man is surrounded by colorful balls in a colorful tent (Thanks Aunt K!), but mom accidentally hits the button that turns on the ceiling fan, and it might as well all be monochrome. The boy loves his ceiling fans.


Day 1 | 365

Happy First Day of 2015!! Today I begin my journey to documenting 365 days of my everyday with my family. The first day was such a wonderful and bittersweet day all at once. Nana (my momma), Papa, and Uncle TT were here to visit. We love them dearly and cannot wait to live closer so they are a big part of my children’s lives. Unfortunately, they also left today. Hearts were broken, but we will be together again soon (hopefully!). Below are a few images from the first day of a wonderful new year!!





This last photo is so important, because, as you can see, Peanut is ALMOST mobile!! Crawling will be here in the next couple of weeks, and the adventures only grow from there. Wishing everyone health and happiness this year!