More Christmas…

This photo brought to you by Reese’s Pieces and good ol’ bribery 🙂

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Since our lives have been so crazy with moving, I am just now starting to get Christmas pictures taken. Here is a little sneak peak of Peanut:)
On a sunnier day, I’ll get B. She is going through an “I REFUSE TO TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF AND I ALSO REFUSE TO PUT CLOTHES ON” phase, so I’m just not wanting to fight with her to put Christmas clothes on…Sigh. Just know when you see her pictures, the BEFORE looked like a crazy, screaming, toddler mess:p
The same day I decided to take some Christmas pics of just Peanut, I also took some pics of him at lunch time. His smile is seriously lethal. I’m going to have to work hard to teach him to only use it for GOOD in his life:)


After spending the last few weeks moving and having all our stuff in chaos, we are finally starting to feel more settled in our new home. So far, the only things missing are my muffin tins and a 13″x9″ pan, so I’m calling that a success (although I REALLY want to make something with my muffin tin….)! I have been watching for pretty light in the new place and just loved these pictures I got of my daughter with her new easel. It is a hand-me-down item from a friend, and I love it! Chalk is perfect for a 2.5yr old that MAY tend to wander off and color a wall or two. She is really enjoying just walking by and choosing to color a beautiful picture and sometimes asks to color “together”. Hearing that makes this momma’s heart happy.
Then, as I’m taking sweet pictures of my daughter, I turn around to see Peanut trying to eat the toy vacuum. Love both sets images for very different reasons. This is how photography is helping me to find happiness in the little things, even when I can see the pile of clean laundry needing to be put away behind my little guy.

Moving and Leaves!!

We moved into our new house! Yay! We have moved from a typical suburban home to a gorgeous wooded/country setting outside city limits. I can’t say enough about how much I love it here, but leaving our last home was a little tough. It is the first house we’ve ever owned. We lived there when we were engaged, married, and had both children. That house holds so many good memories and was such a wonderful home for those 6.5yrs. However, I am looking forward to watching my children grow in our new home:) The first pictures here are some of the last from our old house. Some morning smiles from little Peanut and a picture of B laying on a box. She put her “robe pieces” (a lovey of hers) on the box and I just found her like this:)
Here she is at the new house. She didn’t have any trouble adjusting! I asked if she wanted to go back to the old house and she confidently said “Nope.” We have TONS of leaves here and she is loving it. My next goal as a photographer is to master focus. I realized while going through all these photos for this post, I am struggling with focus. Hopefully by my next post I will have learned something:)
Painting:) The light was funny as she was half in the sun and half out, but she was so cute.
And finally, a big leaf extravaganza! She can’t get enough!
I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. We had some family visit (yup, we hosted when we just moved last weekend:) and really enjoyed our time together. That’s the important stuff this time of year. Well, that and the AMAZINGLY delicious dinner we had that I forgot to take pictures of! 😉


Here is a look at some of our November so far:) First images are of my sweet sleeping daughter. These images are so special, because our daughter sleeps in the dark and is normally awake before we come get her from her nap. This day, I walked in to get her and she was still SOUND asleep. I opened the window, turned off her fan, still nothin’. So what’s a momma to do? Get my camera of course! Snapped several photos before I finally woke her up. I will cherish these photos forever.
These are just a few randoms of our everyday.
Finally, I just took a few photos while B was playing on my iPad. I’m sure by the time she grows up, the iPad will probably seem like an ancient piece of technology, worthy of a case at the local history museum:)