Day 68 | 365

A few belated posts as I catch up on editing:)

Monday: He just loves his big sister and she is so good with him ❤ 2015-365march9-4 2015-365march9-32015-365march9-12015-365march9-2

Blog Circle Day!

Good morning! I have joined forces with some very talents ladies for a 5 on 10 blog circle. This means on the 10th of every month at 10am CST, we each post 5 pictures and link to each other’s blogs to make a full circle. After visiting my page, please feel free to follow the links through each of our pages to see everyone’s work.

If you’re new here to my page, WELCOME! I encourage you to take a look around my site and enjoy:)

Here are 5 photos I took last month during some snow. We had a blast!

2015-03-10_0001Head on over to Lorrin’s Blog to check out her 5 on 10. ❤


Day 64/65/66 | 365

Thursday: Not sure what he was thinking, but he was off in some other world 😛2015-365march5-1

Friday: I love moss. I wish I had my 50mm f/1.4 on my camera, but I only had my 35mm f/1.8. I wish there was more of that yummy blurry stuff (bokeh) ❤2015-365march7-1Saturday: Sometimes even mud is pretty ❤2015-365march6-2 2015-365march6-1


Day 61/62/63 | 365

I would say “I’m catching up”, but posting in groups of a few days seems to be my new normal, so…normal post:D

Monday: My little nap fighter fell asleep on the couch watching Backyardigans:) I take as many photos like this as I can…I know these days are numbered. 2015-365march2-1 2015-365march2-2Tuesday: B loves her Lincoln Logs! Buuuut, she doesn’t exactly build log cabins yet. She really just takes out the long pieces and uses them as drumsticks…Today, she was drumming on the fireplace, then on the globe (I’m sure there is some irony in there somewhere). Don’t worry, the globe was left here in the house by the previous owner and looks like someone punched it at one point, so it’s already broken:P2015-365march3-1 2015-365march3-2 2015-365march3-3


Wednesday: Pretty light. I’m about to start the Magic of Light workshop on March 9th with Summer Murdock. If you don’t know who she is, you’re missing out. She is a magician with light! Can’t wait to start seeing in new ways ❤2015-365march4-1


Day 60 | 365

Sunday: I do love pictures in the snow, but I would much prefer pictures by a pool…or anywhere with heat and humidity. But, my kids are adorable none-the-less:)

At first, Peanut and I stayed inside and watched. BUT I really wanted to go out, so I found a bunch of clothes to pack him in (including some Glad Press n’ Seal for his feet) and we went out!2015-365march1-1 2015-365march1-2 2015-365march1-3

This one is obviously precious to me:)2015-365march1-42015-365march1-5

Icicles have always fascinated me. These were no exception. Saw them hanging off our house when were were about to head inside, so I snapped a few pics. Even caught a drip falling in a few of them. 🙂

2015-365march1-6 2015-365march1-7