Jumping Back In

I’m back from the temporary hiatus to take a workshop. It was awesome.

March 29th- Peanut was feeding B some of his puffs. Then he switched to feeding her green beans. She was NOT happy about it:P2015-365march29-1

The look of confusion/betrayal…2015-365march29-2


March 30th: The weather is so nice here!!! First, we played at the house in the afternoon and had a little fun. Then we (well, I) decided to have hubby get some chinese take out for dinner and meet us at the park in the evening after work. So much fun<3 We’ll probably head to the park this evening, too. Humidity seems to have returned (31st), and I am in heaven. Some people may hate the humidity, but I’ll take it over frigid, dry, soul-sucking air any day!

2015-365march30-6 2015-365march30-7 2015-365march30-8 2015-365march30-9

2015-365march30-10 2015-365march30-1 2015-365march30-5 2015-365march30-2 2015-365march30-3 2015-365march30-4

After the storm

We got a little storm yesterday. I walked by my kitchen window, saw the puddles, and knew what needed to be done. My only regret is that my daughter doesn’t own a pair of rain boots!!! Would have been even better. Hubby is planning on backfilling the space where the big puddle is with topsoil next weekend though…we’ll have to find a new awesome puddle soon:(

On our deck…she was begging to “quease can I play in the rain?” (she can say “please”, but she sometimes says “quease” instead:P)2015-365march24-1 2015-365march24-2

This is the face I get when I tell her to look at the camera:P2015-365march24-3 2015-365march24-4

Probably my favorite<32015-365march24-5

The sky was pretty after the storm:)2015-365march24-6 2015-365march24-7

Admiring the vultures (buzzards).2015-365march24-8 2015-365march24-9

Splash!2015-365march24-10 2015-365march24-11



Workshop photos

I’m working my way through this workshop (one more week), and wanted to post a few pics from one of our assignments. The assignment was to get four pictures: rim light, flare, less haze, and more haze. These are my shots in that order:)2015-365march22-2




And this one is bonus:)


A foggy morning

Woke up, tossed the children at hubby, and ran outside for a little early morning walk in the beautiful fog. We have had several foggy mornings recently, but normally hubs is at work, so leaving the kids with him isn’t usually an option 😛 Here are a few pretty pictures of the morning fog. In my rush to get out the door before the baby started screaming for me, I left my 35mm lens on instead of my 50mm….I sooo wish I had my 50mm. Next time…2015-365march15-1

These little spider webs were SO stinking neat! They looked like little white flowers in the clearing. Just lovely. 2015-365march15-2 2015-365march15-3

This was a picture of a wall in our house tonight. I only had a minute before the light would change and B was trying to thwart my efforts to capture it, but I liked it:) It’s the shadow of a poinsettia I won around Christmas time. Can’t believe it’s still alive….ha! 🙂2015-365march15-4

Temporary Hiatus:)

Don’t worry, I’m still completing my 365, I just may not be posting for everyday for a bit. I am currently taking an online workshop and doing both is time consuming. I can always come back to complete this blog, but the workshop is only 3 weeks long:) That said, here are a few randoms from the last few days ❤

The other day I was showering and apparently B decided that was lame. She left the bathroom, climbed up, found pen and paper, and was “making a beautiful picture” when I got out. ❤2015-365march12-1

“Take a picture of my beautiful picture!”2015-365march12-2

Those EYES!!! I didn’t enhance them at all…they’re ridiculous. 2015-365march12-3

For reasons, that I feel are self explanatory, this kid has my heart!2015-365march12-4 2015-365march12-5 2015-365march12-6

Watching big sister ❤2015-365march12-7

Giving mommy a heart attack, as usual.2015-365march12-8

I missed focus a little on this shot, but I still love it. The smiles/giggles, plus her hair in the reflection! 2015-365march12-9

Playing #likeagirl. Because girls like to jump and play in the mud and on logs, too. ❤2015-365march14-1 2015-365march14-2

In case your curious, this was my submission for our first assignment of my workshop. We were simply supposed to go for a walk and find interesting light. This is what I found:)2015magicoflight-1 2015magicoflight-2 2015magicoflight-3 2015magicoflight-4