Day 59 | 365

Saturday: Got a new couch from Ikea!!!! WOOHOO! Best part of this couch…the giant box it came in. Second best part, the whole couch has a wonderful, removable, WASHABLE cover over it. Perfect for kids with crayons (one cushion already has red crayon on it…thanks to letting her color the box). Sorry about all the grain and the darker photos… Summer CANNOT get here fast enough.

OR I could get a Nikon D750 and my photos wouldn’t have these problems…still dreaming. 🙂2015-365feb28-4 2015-365feb28-2

Tracing tiny hands. Notice the “foot” tracing in front of it…not sure how many toes my husband thinks B has…2015-365feb28-6

Coloring together ❤2015-365feb28-7 2015-365feb28-9

By the end, someone was ready for mommy to hold him instead of that stinky camera. And don’t the husband bum in the background or the toddler picking her nose…that’s just life around here, ha! 🙂2015-365feb28-11

Day 55-58 | 365

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been posting in groups. It just doesn’t make sense for me to post everyday. I enjoy time with my family first, then this blog second:) Ok, time for some catch-up…

Tuesday: “I got glitter glue on my tongue.” Story of my life…


Wednesday: “I want to make a list!” Anytime I am going to the grocery store she sees me making a list, and then demands to make one, too:)2015-365feb25-1

Thursday: Daddy-daughter love. He’s the best and is so good at playing with our sweet babies<32015-365feb26-1

Friday: “Do you love it?! Do you love my beautiful picture, mom?!” Ugh…Yes. Now I DO love your beautiful picture…because you are adorable, and it’s just a bar of soap you used to color the wall, so you were basically helping me clean, right? ❤2015-365feb27-1


Day 50-54 | 365

Thursday: I have to admit, this is an iPhone photo, but an important iPhone photo. I’ve heard it said that the best camera is the one you have:) True, right? I have my iPhone at the moment. Miss Nap-fighter decided she wanted to stay up this day, so I didn’t fight back. I brought her upstairs, set her up with some crafting stuff, and she was happy. Then, Peanut woke up early from his nap, so I went and rocked him back to sleep for a few minutes. I came back, and this is how I found B.  Neither the headband nor sunglasses were present when I left. Priceless moment for me! Safety note: I left her there long enough to snap a pic (like any good mom), then gentle carried her off to her bed. She was not left sleeping in the counter height chair that she could have fallen out of:)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Friday: Had some pretty sunsets this week, and Our furnace exhaust comes out right below our dining room window. I love watching the steam dance around in this frigid air while the sun is setting. I did learn that finding focus on dancing steam is not as easy as one might think:)2015-365feb21-1

Saturday: Similar view out our window, but the colors were more vibrant. Then B decided she wanted to look out the window too. The window was open and the breeze was blowing up, causing her hair to blow around:) This photo is SOOC (straight out of the camera, no edits). Pretty light ❤            2015-365feb20-1

Monday: (yes, I know I skipped Sunday. I’ll post it tomorrow) This is what lunch looked like today…sitting on the table instead of the chair is a recent novelty. Those flowers looks sad because they were from Valentine’s Day:)2015-365feb23-1

Day 48/49 | 365

Tuesday: Dreaming of his sweet freedom again. Unfortunately, he has already grown out of the puffy winter clothes I had for him, and NOW we get snow. So he can’t go play in it…we have nothing appropriate for him to wear:(2015-365feb17-1

Wednesday: The skylight just looked really interesting to me today. Melting and sparkling last bits of snow, sunshine, blue skies, passing cloud, shadows from the trees…Just interesting:)2015-365feb18-1

Day 47 | 365

SNOW DAY!! It was pretty cold, but we got out for a little bit to enjoy the snow. ❤

2015-365feb16-17 2015-365feb16-18