Day44/45/46 | 365

Another Catch-up. I’m only posting two photos for these three days. My next post will make up for it:)

She’s loving to make music these days and not much can make this momma’s heart happier ❤2015-365feb13-1

And then there’s this face ❤ Didn’t even add an edit to this one. Love it just the way it is!2015-365feb13-2

Day 40/41/42/43 | 365

Monday: She needs to stop growing up. Like….NOW.2015-365feb9-1 2015-365feb9-2

Tuesday: “Making a beautiful picture!” Everyday during Peanut’s morning nap, she wants to make a beautiful picture. So she does:) Glitter glue and stickers are her favorites right now ❤2015-365feb10-1 2015-365feb10-2

Wednesday: Delicious…Anyone else see the heart? Just in time for Valentine’s Day! ❤2015-365feb11-1

Thursday (today): Peanut figured out how to climb stairs last night….awesome. On a brighter note, I gave B an old point and shoot I had, and she LOVES it. However, we have some work to do…this is how she holds it and says, “Smile mom!” It’s REALLY adorable, but we have a lot of pictures of fingers up close…2015-365feb12-1 2015-365feb12-2

Ok, I’m FINALLY all caught up! Sorry ’bout that folks. Had several other projects and an infant who decided to catch a cold, cut a tooth, and forget how to sleep all at the same time…

Day 38/39 | 365

Playing catch-up a bit today. I took some real estate photos for a friend and I have a sick (i.e. NOT SLEEPING) kiddo here. 😦 That said, we had a great weekend, with my dad and step-mom visiting. Saturday we got my fireplace painted and enjoyed a little bit of down time. Here are hubby and B snuggling on our deck. I’ll take 70 degrees in February ANYDAY! ❤2015-365feb7-1

Saturday night, my step-mom decided to cook sausage at 10:30pm. My dad and husband approved and are now wondering why we don’t cook sausage at 10:30pm on a regular basis. Can’t say I blame them. 😀 P.S. Not sure she even realized I took this pic. :)~2015-365feb7-2

Sunday, we went for a walk at the nature center and I took some pics there, but this little guy, was more important. We’ll visit the nature center again. Meet Mr. Nuthatch. He decided that he should land on our windowsill and peck at it loudly, because the suet feeder was out of food. Little stinker…but so cute!2015-365feb8-1

I’ll try to update Monday later on tonight. 🙂

Day 35/36/37 | 365

Goodness. Lots of stuff going on and got behind on editing/posting:) Here’s a little catch-up.

Just looking out the window. I liked her reflection in this one, but not so much her expression. Maybe next time. 😛2015-365Feb4-1This one is from yesterday….after she cut her own hair. She was sitting at the table, playing with glue, scissors, etc. for a little craft time. I picked everything up for lunch….except the scissors apparently. Oops. So, she got a haircut yesterday:)2015-365Feb5-1

Today, all I wanted to do was vacuum. That’s all. They made it nearly impossible. My mobile infant was constantly crawling in my way, my toddler kept pulling on the cord as if she were saying “Giddy-up, mommy!”, and they were pulling out toys that I JUST picked up. I walked away to pick something up, and they were on the vacuum like white on rice. Having two small children in the house makes EVERYTHING harder than it should be. I still love them though, of course:) ❤2015-365Feb6-1 2015-365Feb6-2


Day 34 | 365

Trying to get myself in the frame with the kiddos, and learn how to use my interval timer settings. New goal: do this once a month. As you can tell, my little princess had a some trouble waking up after her nap, but then started to play with us:) There are some things I learned doing this, so i consider it a major success. If I were to do it again, I’ll do it in the morning for lighting purposes. That patch of direct sun in the bedroom wasn’t really what I wanted. I would also play with my settings a bit more, but overall, I’m happy for a first try! ❤
Oh, and I’d really like a full-frame camera, so I can get a larger view…sigh…someday. 😀